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What is Chartspan?

Bamberg Family Practice has partnered with ChartSpan in October 2018. This is to provide 24/7 healthcare support for our eligible Medicare patients. The care management program is a way for patients to receive additional, out-of-office support to ensure better, more comprehensive care. You will receive a care plan that is tailored to your conditions and health history, which will be updated every months by your care team at ChartSpan. Want to learn more? Go to http://www.chartspan.com/ or give ChartSpan a call at 1-(855) 242-7877.

How Can ChartSpan Help You?

Assist: ChartSpan offers a nurse on call 24/7 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can call them with any questions and speak to one of the nurses regarding any issue.

Manage: They can help schedule appointments and manage prescriptions as well as checking for harmful medication interactions.

Check-In: You will receive a phone call every month to assist with medications refills, setting up appointments, & keeping you doctor informed of any needs you may have.

Plan: ChartSpan's care team will work with you each month to build a comprehensive care plan for you. Together you set goals based on your specific conditions and needs. Your doctor will have access to this plan so that he/she can have a full review of your care.

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