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What Contraceptive is right for YOU?

Choose Well is a contraceptive access initiative for South Carolinians & will be available at Bamberg Family Practice in the near future. Go to https://www.nodrama.org/ for more information about the program.


-Because half of all pregnancies in South Carolina are unintended.

-Because this costs taxpayers nearly $200 million a year.

-Because unintended pregnancy compromises the health, development, and economic

stability of women and children.

- And because all of this is preventable.


-This is being accomplished by offering all women information and affordable access to

eight different methods of contraception.

-We are in no way funded by government entities and have nothing to do with abortion.

-The initiative is backed by decades of evidence showing that planned pregnancies are

good for the individuals, families and communities that comprise our state.


Patient care always comes first!

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